What to Do About Broken Tooth Filling:
Steps and Solutions

by Dr. Kavendra Naidoo
BDS, MBCHB, Dental Surgeon

A broken tooth in half which extends up to the gum area.

Understanding Broken Tooth Fillings and Chipped Teeth: Immediate Action for Dental Health

A broken tooth filling can be a source of concern, affecting both your dental health and appearance. Despite the discomfort, it's vital to realize that immediate pain isn't always an indicator.

Dental tooth fillings are commonly utilized to restore teeth damaged by decay or fractures. However, with time, they can experience wear and tear, resulting in chips and breaks.

Problems Caused by Broken Tooth Filling

In such scenarios, a tiny piece of filling material might dislodge, creating a gap between the tooth structure and the filling itself. Even if a chipped filling isn't painful, it requires immediate consultation with a dentist due to potential problems that could arise:

Tooth Sensitivity

Chipped fillings expose a part of the tooth previously protected, leading to heightened sensitivity to extreme temperatures.

Risk of Decay

The gap between the filling and the tooth structure becomes susceptible to bacteria, potentially causing decay.

Structural Integrity

A chipped filling compromises the tooth's integrity, making it prone to further fractures and damage.

Aesthetic Concerns

A chipped tooth filling can impact self-confidence when smiling and in social gatherings.

Problems Caused by Broken Tooth

On the other hand, a broken tooth presents a more severe situation that demands urgent dental attention. Even if a broken tooth isn't causing pain, it carries risks that may lead to dental issues down the line:

Contacting your dentist and following their professional advice is essential to prevent further complications. Regardless of whether you're experiencing pain or not, seeking timely dental care is the most prudent approach to tackling these issues.

"Whether you're dealing with a chipped filling, a broken tooth, or a combination of both, it's crucial to address these dental problems promptly. "

Auckland Family Dental to Address Broken Tooth Fillings

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