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Not easy to get dental implants

Born with bad teeth or lost a few due to injury, illness, decay or an accident? In the past, you might have been resigned to wearing dentures or bridges, but these days dental implants are the way to go. Even though it’s a permanent solution to a common problem, many people suffer without it as there’s a perception that dental implants only suit a select few patients, costs a considerable amount and is excruciating and time-consuming. None of this is true, and after reading this blog, you’ll be more than ready to book your appointment at your nearest Auckland dental implant clinic.


Many people cite affordability as a reason for not getting dental implants, failing to take into consideration how long alternatives such as dentures and dental bridges cost. You’ll need to replace your bridges at least every five years, and that’s not even accounting for the time off work you’ll need to take. Dentures also require you to invest in accessories such as storage cases, disinfectants and more. Over a lifetime this adds up to much more than getting dental implants will.


Are you worried that getting dental implants will take the time you don’t have for maintenance every morning and evening? Unlike dentures (which require constant disinfection and special care at night) dental implants are genuinely like regular teeth, and if you adhere to a normal, dentist-approved oral health regime, they’ll continue to function as they should without special treatment needed.


The idea of having something implanted sounds painful, but it doesn’t need to be. In the past dentists may have expected clients to put up with discomfort, but modern dental healthcare providers know that pain is unnecessary and puts people off attending their dental appointments. Most dentists won’t expect you to endure anything more than mild discomfort and if you’re very anxious, you could be eligible for sedation throughout the process.

There’s no need to live with the embarrassment and inconvenience of missing teeth when a permanent solution is readily available. Confront your fears and contact your local Auckland dental implant professionals today to find out more about the process. You’ll soon see that you have little to fear and everything to gain from getting them.

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