When Exactly Do I Need To Visit A Dentist

By December 22, 2018DENTAL
Visit a Dentist

We all lead extremely busy lives, and we tend to forget about things that we don’t see as urgent. Unfortunately, dental appointments are one of these things, because for the most part our mouths, teeth, gums, and tongue are out of sight and therefore out of mind. We often only realise that it’s time for a visit when what as a simple problem has advanced into a more serious one. To prevent future problems from developing and existing ones from worsening here’s exactly when you should be visiting your dentist.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

When can a dental problem wait until the weekend to be seen to, and when should you hightail it to an emergency dentist? If you experience any of the following, don’t wait. Seek immediate assistance:

  • A broken/knocked out tooth
  • Bleeding that isn’t stopping
  • Prolonged pain that seems to be getting worse
  • Severe swelling or knotting anywhere in the mouth
  • Trauma to the inside of the mouth

How To Avoid These Emergencies?

While you can’t predict getting a tooth knocked out, you can prevent cavities and infections from developing, worsening and spreading through regularly scheduled dentist visits. It’s recommended that each person visit the dentist at least twice a year, making sure to have a cleaning every six months in addition to general maintenance.

Take Care Of Your Teeth

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have perfect teeth just by attending those twice annual dentist’s visits? Unfortunately, you do need to pick up the slack between appointments through consistent day to day care. In a perfect world, you’d brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with mouthwash after every meal. However, when you lead a busy life, this isn’t ideal. Aim to brush your teeth every morning and evening for two minutes at a time – no shorter and no longer. Avoid using a brush that hurts or causes bleeding and gently floss and use mouthwash when you can.

If you’re still not convinced of the importance of regular checkups, imagine the cost and time wasted you’ll face by letting things get worse. If you allow the team at Auckland Family Dental to take care of your smile, we’ll help you maintain your pearly whites and help you avoid a dental emergency.