What To Expect From A Painless Tooth Extraction In Auckland

How many times have you used the expression, “it’s like pulling teeth”? We all know that when something is described using this simile, it’s probably not good. There are different reasons why people need tooth extractions Auckland, ranging from toothaches to crowding in the mouth. The reality of pulling teeth as being an extremely negative experience comes from a long time ago – before dental surgery methods were improved to how we know them today. So why do we still use the saying today? Well, it’s easy to cling to outdated information and past experiences. As a result, many Auckland residents live in fear of the day that their dentist will recommend a tooth extraction. There’s no reason to feel this way knowing that painless tooth extraction exists.

What’s A Painless Tooth Extraction?

Painless tooth extraction is when a dentist removes a tooth from your mouth while employing methods that minimise the amount of pain you feel. Your dentist will go through the following steps to minimise your discomfort.

Stage 1: Setting Up The Procedure To Be Painless

The painless extraction begins when anaesthesia is administered to get you to a state of numbness. It’s important that you don’t get too much or too little anaesthetic, so accurate calculations are a crucial part of this step. The only bit of pain you may feel will be slight twinge from the injection and the dentist testing that the anaesthetic is effective.

Stage 2: You Will Feel Movement, But No Pain

Once the numbing sets in, you should only feel the dentist’s tools moving in different directions in your mouth. It may feel like pressure or discomfort, but not pain. If you feel pain, you can signal to your dentist for additional numbing in a different spot to keep the process going.

Stage 3: Recovery Takes Place In The Days Following The Extraction Surgery

Once the anaesthetic wears off, it will take days to recover, depending on person to person. Your dentist will prescribe pain and anti-inflammatory medication to aid healing. Give it a week or two, and call your dentist if the pain doesn’t decrease.

Stage 4: Check In With Your Dentist To Ensure Healing Has Taken Place

Book a follow-up appointment with your Auckland dentist for two to four weeks after the tooth extraction. At this point, it’s about making sure that the removal was successful.

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