Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal

5 things you need to know about a root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is one way to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. Here are some things you should know about this now common dental procedure.

How is a root canal treatment performed?

During root canal Auckland, the tooth pulp and tooth roots are cleaned to remove microbes that cause infection and a filling material is placed in the roots. Trust us, this sounds more painful than it actually is!

Root canal is performed when the tooth pulp has become infected or when the infection has spread to the roots or jawbone. Normally a tooth can recover from a mild or occasional irritation of the pulp. If the irritation continues, it can lead to an irreversible infection, and the tooth may become partially or completely gangrenous. A gangrenous tooth doesn’t have normal blood circulation or nerves. It may not be an option if the tooth is too badly damaged. Your dentist is best placed to make the call and recommend root canal treatment to ensure oral health.

What can I expect during a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment typically requires multiple visits to the dentist and is performed under local anaesthesia. A dental X-ray is performed prior to reveal the extent of infection and the number and shape of roots. Your dentist will explain the entire procedure before beginning the process. Fillings are required for after the roots have been opened and in some cases you may also need crowns.

What care is required after a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a simple procedure, but you will need to take some precautions immediately after it. You dentist will inform you about these. Schedule an additional visit with your dentist to X-ray the treated tooth and to make sure that all signs of infection are gone.

As for long term care, it is important to take care of all your teeth after a root canal treatment. In addition to twice-yearly dental cleanings and exams, it is important to keep up a good oral care routine at home, including brushing twice a day with a toothpaste With care and attention, a tooth treated with a root canal can stay healthy for the rest of your life.

How much does a root canal cost?

Root canal cost varies and depends on a number of factors:

  • The tooth which requires root canal treatment. Typically root canal treatment on molars is more expensive than other teeth.
  • The extent of damage – not all root canal procedures are same, the more complicated the case, higher the cost.
  • Second root canal treatment on a tooth could cost more.
  • The cost of fillings and any crowns required can further affect how much you pay.

Your dentist Auckland is the best person to advice on this cost.

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