How To Overcome Your Fear Of Dentists

By December 10, 2018DENTAL
Fear of Dentists

You’re lying still in a chair and can’t move. There’s loud drilling and whirring all around you. Someone has multiple tools in your mouth, and they’re painfully pulling and yanking and all the while, you can’t even speak. Has a sadistic torturer kidnapped you? No, you did this to yourself. After all, this is what dental appointments are like, right?


Visiting the dentist no longer has to be the ordeal it used to be. Much like modern doctors favour antibiotics and wound cleaning over bloodletting and leeches, modern dentists have also come a long way. Many people have an uncontrollable fear of dentists, which is normal. It can stem from a fear of pain, bad experiences or stories you’ve heard. However, there are ways of dealing with the anxiety and preparing yourself before you visit your Auckland.

  • Know Your Fear

A dentist’s surgery consists of many tools that can invoke fear from their patients. You could have a fear of drills, unsettling sounds, pain or needles. When you know what scares you, you can communicate your concerns to your dentist. A sympathetic dentist will see if there are ways to work around these triggers. For example, you could wear earphones during certain segments to block out upsetting noises.

  • Know what to expect

Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist what you can expect from the treatment you are receiving, in detail. Ask your dentist if you should expect any pain or discomfort and what these sensations could be compared to and exactly what will be done before we get started which will help you eliminate the fear felt when they’re working on you, and you can’t speak up.

  • Reduce anxiety

Facing any fear can cause extreme stress, and visiting your dentist is no exception. It’s important to practice some calming techniques before your appointment such as controlling your breathing so you don’t hyperventilate and avoid caffeinated drinks that might make you feel wired and tense.

The comfort that you experience when you go to the dentist, all depends on the dentist you choose. At Auckland Family Dental we try to make your visits as pleasant as possible. We aim to create a relaxed environment while also getting the job done successfully. Remember that there are also sleep dentistry options if your anxiety and discomfort is severe.

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