Free Adolescent Dental Care

Free Adolescent Dental Care

Being a teenager is tough enough without having to worry about your oral health. Therefore, at Dentist Auckland NZ we provide free adolescent dental care for adolescents underthe government dental benefit scheme.

This free treatment is available to all adolescents up until their 18th birthday. Come in and visit one of our dental practices to get your free dental treatment today!

Note: Orthodontic treatment and accidents (which can be claimed under ACC) is not included in this treatment.

Visit Our Auckland Dentists for 100% Free Adolescent Dental Care

Until your child reaches 18, they’re entitled to free basic dental services. On or before their first birthday you would have received an enrolment letter letting you know what to expect, starting with booking their first check-up before they reach the 24-month mark. Our Auckland dentists are ready and waiting to offer your child regular check-ups, cleaning, Xrays, preventative treatments, fillings and extractions. If your child requires orthodontic treatment, we can assist you with working out a payment plan that suits your pocket.

Why Is Teen Oral Care So Important?

Your child’s teenage years are some of great physical change, and puberty will impact their teeth as much as the rest of their body. At this age they become more prone to poor dietary habits as well as they become responsible for making their own food choices, making tooth decay a common concern. It can also bring on gingivitis, which is caused by high amounts of sex hormones in their bodies. This increase in hormonal activity makes their gums more sensitive to bacterial plaque, leading to pain and inflammation.

Keep Up With Their Lifestyle Changes

Being a teenager means asserting your independence and personality as separate from your parents. This can mean experimenting with alcohol and smoking, discovering coffee, getting oral piercings or becoming involved in sports or pastimes (such as rugby, skateboarding or gymnastics) that can lead to injury. While you might not be able to prevent these changes from occurring, getting your child on track with a healthy oral healthcare regime will prevent these habits from creating serious problems.

Boost Their Self Esteem

At no other age is a person more concerned with their appearance than after puberty. Don’t underestimate the impact a healthy and attractive smile can have on your teen’s self-esteem and confidence. Cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening can improve the appearance of their teeth while crooked, maligned or crowded teeth can be fixed at this age before their growth is complete and surgery becomes necessary.

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Being a teenager is tough enough without having to worry about your oral health. Let our North Shore dentist team provide them with the dental treatment they deserve. Please note that orthodontic treatment and accidents (which can be claimed under ACC) are not included in this treatment.