Emergency Dentist Auckland

Emergency Dentist Auckland services have been established for many years and is now run by our Auckland Family Dental Group. We offer fast and affordable toothache relief and treatment of broken or cracked teeth, teeth injuries and dental abscess treatment

We offer same day emergency dental treatment as well as after hours and weekends, Saturday and Sundays.

We have an experienced dental team capable of handling most dental emergencies, root canals and extractions and wisdom teeth removal in Auckland . We believe in providing you the best emergency dental care in Auckland. Our Emergency Auckland dentist will diagnose the main cause of the dental pain and then discuss options with a treatment plan to help with the dental emergency.

If you are nervous or have a dental phobia we will soon alleviate your concerns by our gentle and caring dentists approach . We have many years of experience in treating nervous patients.

We also offer sedation and other treatment options to ensure pain-free dental treatment is carried out.

Whether you have you have tooth related pain or a broken tooth requiring urgent attention our Emergency Dentist Auckland services are available to help you so you can feel confident, respected and comfortable with us. We are open after hours and SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS in Auckland