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Few dental procedures are as dreaded as root canals. Many people ignore minor dental issues until they become major ones out of fear that they’ll need one. Most of what people fear concerning root canals comes down to misconceptions about what the procedure is and what it involves. Here are a few of the most common ones that Auckland dentists hear every day.

  1. “A root canal requires multiple dentist visits.”

Many people hear horror stories from others about root canal procedures that take place over multiple sessions. In most cases, it involved people who put off a small problem until it becomes a major one. In most cases, you’ll be in and out of the chair in a single session.

  1. “I’ll lose teeth.”

Like the misconception listed above, pulling teeth generally only happens in worst case scenarios. Most dentists strive to save a person’s natural tooth as it will help them to talk, chew and bite normally. It’s more affordable to save an existing tooth than to have a bridge or implant inserted into your mouth. It also hurts less and requires far fewer sessions.

  1. “It’s going to hurt!”

Your dentist’s job is not just to heal your tooth or gum problem. They need to keep you (the patient) calm and at ease to make the job go quickly and easily. Pain management is a significant part of a dentist’s responsibility, and a good dentist will never push forward with your root canal if you’re in pain or upset.

  1. “It will look obvious.”

During a root canal, the centre of your tooth becomes infected and must be removed and replaced with a filling or crown. Many people still think of fillings and crowns as containing silver, which creates a noticeable looking dark shadow in the mouth and is visible when you laugh or smile. Modern fillings and crowns couldn’t be more different and are made of customised resin or porcelain crowns that effortlessly blend in with your existing teeth.

A root canal is nothing to be worried about if you’re placing yourself in the hands of experienced dentists who will put your mind at ease with their skill, compassion and professionalism. Auckland Family Dentists is where you’ll find expert service like this so don’t wait another moment, book your root canal treatment today.

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