Visit a Dentist

When Exactly Do I Need To Visit A Dentist


We all lead extremely busy lives, and we tend to forget about things that we don’t see as urgent. Unfortunately, dental appointments are one of these things, because for the most part our mouths, teeth, gums, and tongue are out of sight and therefore out of mind. We often only realise that it’s time for a visit when what as a simple problem has advanced into a more serious one. To prevent future problems from developing and existing ones from worsening here’s exactly when you should be visiting your dentist.

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Fear of Dentists

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Dentists


You’re lying still in a chair and can’t move. There’s loud drilling and whirring all around you. Someone has multiple tools in your mouth, and they’re painfully pulling and yanking and all the while, you can’t even speak. Has a sadistic torturer kidnapped you? No, you did this to yourself. After all, this is what dental appointments are like, right?

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Wisdom tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

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Wisdom tooth extraction demystified

We won’t lie; wisdom tooth extraction is not the most comfortable procedure in dentistry but removing your impacted wisdom teeth in time can save you a lot of pain later. Besides the procedural discomfort is short-lived and manageable. Here are some FQSs on this procedure. Read More