Auckland Invisalign Treatment

Auckland Invisalign Treatment

Painful Wires & Metal Brackets – Never again!

For many decades, traditional metal braces were the only solution for teens and adults with misaligned teeth. Not only are they obtrusive, but they can be painful and uncomfortable as well. Thankfully, with ongoing efforts from dental scientists, a more hygienic and convenient dental alignment instrument has been developed.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the near invisible, hygienic alternative to getting braces which helps your teenager or yourself to develop a correct bite and healthy, happy smile – the right way! With the aid of advanced 3D imaging software, Invisalign also makes it possible for you and your teenage son or daughter to view the final results before you even get started.

How Does It Work?

Each Invisalign fitting is unique to the patient using it. A dentist will examine your teeth and take an impression, which will then be used to generate a retainer-like clear instrument called an aligner. You will wear the aligner and have a new one made every two weeks or so, to keep up with your progress. The alignment process can take any amount of time from six months to two years, depending on how severely out of place your teeth are.

What Are the Benefits of using Invisalign?

  • Confidence – As a teenager or adult, it’s important to interact and participate in activities with peers and colleagues daily. Because of Invisalign’s virtually invisible appearance, it doesn’t interfere in any way and has the proven benefit of being highly effective in treating other widely common orthodontic conditions. There’s no need to worry about looking “different” because everyone around you will barely notice.
  • Predictability – As mentioned before, Invisalign treatment enables you to preview the results from the beginning. You’ll be able to track your progress and know exactly what it is you’re signing up for.
  • Hygiene – One of the issues with traditional braces is that they tend to get food caught up in them. This problem doesn’t exist with Invisalign, as you’ll have full access to your teeth when you floss or brush them.

The Dentist Auckland NZ group are the experts in Invisalign Auckland & NZ wide. A choice for Invisalign is a choice for not only healthier teeth but a healthier, more confident outlook for yourself and your family.

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